There are some ideas that only come to life at night, in the silence, when the muse becomes the only thing you can hear… a melody of the soft background music. It was during one’s night travel, listening to those magical songs, that sounded different and new every time they came on, that MARCWAVE was born.

A brand with unmistakable identity of a post-modern design - minimalist, elegant but never conforming.

The logo, a tuning fork, a well known acoustic instrument is the symbol of a harmonic and seductive route between different cultures and languages. A route that began many years ago and is still in progress.

The aesthetic exploration comes from years of experience of the creative mind behind the brand. The creator/founder’s mission is for his audience to understand that his creations are not just an accessories but an integral part to express one’s personality.

The extraordinary Tuscan leather craftsmanship tradition combined with the creativity of a young designer created architectural and sculptural pieces that honor and embrace the relationship between history and future, eternity and the now. It’s the opposites and contrasts that create the most beautiful harmony. Sometimes just for a moment, sometimes forever.

All accessories are made out of genuine high quality tanned leather. Embellished with metallic finishes always with attention to every detail.

MARCWAVE represents the marriage of innovation and research, but always staying true to the tradition of the art MADE in FLORENCE